House / Haus

Traditionally, in Sauris every family and house has a nickname: since 1850, Pa’Mairlan is ours. Over the years, this name has become a synonymous of the kind welcome and hospitality with which we greet our guests.

Pa’Mairlan not only is a perfect starting point for great summer and winter walks, but also has one of the most wonderful sightseeings of Sauris, that you’ll be able to admire from your rooms terraces or during breakfast, while tasting our delicious homemade products.

In touch with uncontaminated nature, you’ll rediscover a genuine rhythm of life.


Vegetable Garden / Gorte

In the old times, over the Alps, people used to collect or cultivate aromatic and medicinal plants, to make ointments and herbal healings. During the last few years, at Pa’Mairlan we renewed that tradition.

In our vegetable garden (gorte, in Sauris language) you will find the same herbs which grow, at more than 1400 meters of altitude, thanks to the quality of the soil and to the pureness of Sauris air. Flowers and plants are hand-picked, dried on wooden frames, and processed in specialized laboratories to create our natural cosmetics.

The “Estratto di Natura” (pflegngreiser) herbal infusions and creams are another way for us to take care of the wellness of those who visit us in Sauris.