“Arnica Montana” herb grows all over the Alps, at high altitude. It was dried and used to create ointments, or utilized as hydroalcoholic extract in a tincture, for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti ecchymotic properties. Our cream, in addiction to arnica, contains a percentage of “calendula”, “artiglio del diavolo”, “pino mugo”, “timo” and “melissa” herbs, that have balmy and soothing properties.

cream / arnica (50 o 100 ml)

The use of “calendula” herb in medicine and therapy dates back to the beginning of the fifth century. It’s an annual herb, cultivated and widespread in nature. Our calendula cream is great for chapped and reddened skin, and we added some “malva” herb due to its soothing properties. Therefore, it’s a suitable product to use after a sunny day, or after some time in the windy or chilly outdoors.

body cream / calendula and malva (100 ml)



In addition to malva and calendula, with their calming and soothing properties, we added to this cream some vegetal ceramides and vitamin E. It has a deep nourishing effect, and fights the signs of aging with natural active components.

face cream / calendula and malva (50 ml)

Thanks to its formula restores elasticity, softness, nourishment and freshness to the epidermis of the foot. It will come in handy in case of particularly tired feet, like after a nice day of trekking in our mountains, or worse after working all day.

foot cream / mint and thyme (50 ml)